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Propulsion System Engineering

Cummings Aerospace’s propulsion experience includes solid rocket motor, liquid rocket engine and high speed airbreathing propulsion technology, analyses and development for strategic missiles, tactical missiles and space lift systems. We execute concept studies, requirements definition, performance analysis, and testing for variable flow ducted rockets, hydrocarbon fuelled scramjets, pulse detonation engines, and rocket- and turbine-based combined cycle engine concepts to support high-speed airbreathing development programs.

The company performs basic solid propellant agglomerate breakup experiments as well as aging and surveillance studies. Our engineers possess more than 15 years experience with performance and combustion stability analyses, especially for hydrocarbon fuels such as RP-1 and methane. Cummings Aerospace engineers execute static fire testing and are well versed in rocket motor shipping, handling, storage requirements, rocket motor safety and hazard assessment and propulsion system integration into flight vehicles.

Core rocket propulsion engineering capabilities include:

  • Solid and liquid rocket performance analyses
  • Liquid rocket engine stability analyses
  • Combustion research and CFD anchoring
  • Liquid propellant slosh mode modelling
  • Solid rocket motor aging & surveillance
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